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PLEASE ADD ALL Mid Tier Submissions Into ONE CART Transaction:



We currently are only grading SEALED standard size cases THAT HAVE PLASTIC SEALS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CASE: 4K, BETAMAX, Blu-ray, DVD, DVD sleeve award screeners, DVD or Blu-ray  or 4K Steelbooks

VHS Single,vVHS Double Pack,VHS Triliogy, VHS Clamshells, VHS Big Box,  cassette jewel (standard size only) , cassette singles (standard size only) - laserdiscs- music record vinyls (gatefolds or standard) ) (No multivinyl case grading) - super 8 - video 8 -


We currently are only grading OUTSIDE SEALED standard size cases:   PC Games (Small Box that are factory plastic sealed or factory sealed.




Mid Tier $75 Grading

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