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Below you will find brief explanations, and examples of how we grade. Our examples and explanations are brief, because our full formularies are basically our "secret sauce' for consistent and accurate grading. In the future, more hints will be released on our Instagram so we suggest you please follow @InvestmentGrading

Box - CornerS

Corners are a vital part of the eye appeal, and shape, of a box like structure. All 8 (Eight) Corners of the VHS box are assessed. The damage area of a corner is 1/32 of inch laterally and vertically, and the area in-between that. The corner damage can be assessed lower than 1/32 of an inch if the damage from the corner extended lower (I.E. a smashed corner that went lower than 1/32 of inch laterally or vertically).

A corner keeping its shape one of the most important factors. 

Below are some hints and examples of criteria we grade by:

Minimal Deductions:

*Slight whitening of the corner but the corner keep a good shape or makes a good corner point.

*Corner point is minimally rounded past its normal shape compared to its other corners.

Moderate Deductions:

*Corner has been slightly smashed but none or little crease in box.

*More extensive whitening within the 1/32 inch corner graded area.

*Moderate scratch in corner area.

Extensive Deductions:

*Puncher hole in the corner area

*Extensive smashed corner 

*Extensive smashed corner that caused a crease

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